Advise SMS is the winning ally of those who work independently, like companies and freelancers who want to communicate with one another and amplify the contacts database. Professionals rely on SMS marketing to save on costs of other advertising or promotional activities and reach their recipients with a single SMS, automatic, or manual submission. Stats, dynamic variables and many other tools make Advise SMS perfect for a simple and effective use.

Possible uses:
• Confirm appointments and visits
• Archive phone numbers
• Creation of very large lists
• Automatic communications to other project participants
• Send custom or specific messages
• Reminders of events, meetings or voting
• Expiration alerts
• Promotion of events and exhibitions
• Immediate communication of changes about news and services
• Immediate communication of regulations and procedures

• Possibility to receive immediate feedback
• Possibility of profiling customer databases
• Real-time statistics
• Lowest price on the market
• Safe routes